September 17, 2008

Captivating Capiz Dream

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Captivating Capiz (Updated 10/14/2008). A dream of being in a paradise where there’s no problem but a lot of sea foods specially the delectable oyster dishes and fishes grilled and spiced up were on my plans. All are for the satisfaction of my palate.  Even if it will make a great “side effect” on my very carefully engraved figure, I will leave that thinking. I will not stop, I will eat those foods in front of me. What I am talking about or what I am referring to is the place called captivating Capiz which can be found in the heart of the country called paradise Philippines. This is a small province in the Philippines where the first ever president of the independent Republic of the Philippines was born and raised, His honorable President Manuel A. Roxas. Aside from this historical and honorable political figure of the Philippines, captivating Capiz is also the home of one of the great legislators of the country, Mar A. Roxas who is tagged as Mr. Palengke because of his vision in making an affordable primary commodities in markets or called palengke in the Philippines.

Captivating Capiz is been the most promising province for investors and tourists. The place is a great source of great skilled workers and also known for having very vast natural resources and raw products that can be used by manufacturers on their leading products. One known raw products used for making furnitures is the Capiz shells which is very abundant in the place (and maybe the reason why the province is called captivating Capiz).

My attraction on this captivating province is becoming enormous in every each day of searching about the grand features of Capiz. I actually made this blog to give my tribute and hail to the future eco-cultural hub in Visayas. Will the captivating Capiz succeed from this grand vision? Hope I could help with this mission!

This post can be found at the page three of the SERP and I don’t know if it could recover. I hope so!

Captivating Capiz Support is for Philippines Blood Registry, Ragnarok Online 2 and Filipino Programmer/Blogger


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  3. masterofthe said,

    I’ve seen your traces. tsk tsk tsk.

  4. gurlash said,

    what do you mean by that? traces of tsk..tsk..?

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  6. Renan said,

    good luck on captivating capiz mini seo contest. Who among of hundreds of participants get home the bacon..Good luck keep it up.

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  9. Rein Valdez said,

    Good Luck and Congratulations…

    Keep up the good deeds of promoting the Captivating Capiz.

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